Above Ground Pool Filter Backwashing

Aboveground Pool Filter Backwashing Instructions

Backwash only when the pressure reaches 8-10lbs above normal or when the water pressure is weak blowing back into the pool from the return jet.

1.    Turn the pump off

2.    Turn the filter valve to the backwash setting

3.    Turn the pump back on for about 1- 1 ½ minutes or until waste water is clear.

4.    Turn the pump off

5.    Turn the filter valve to the rinse setting

6.    Turn the pump on and run for 30 seconds

7.    Turn the pump off

8.    Turn the filter valve back to the filter stetting

9.    Turn the pump back on

•    To lower the water level if needed, turn the filter valve to the waste/drain setting.

•    Always turn the pump off when changing the filter settings