Above Ground Pool Opening

1.    Remove the pool cover. Clean the cover and allow it to completely dry before storing.

2.    Replace the pump and filter hoses and secure clamps.

3.    Replace all drain plugs. ( 2 in pump & 1 in filter)

4.    Begin filling the pool with water until it reaches the proper level.

5.    Put the filter valve on the filter position.

6.    Turn the pump on.

7.    Allow water to circulate for 30 minutes, then backwash and rinse the filter. Allow the pool to circulate for 24hrs. During this period try to remove any leaves or debris.

8.    Test the water and balance ph & alkalinity. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You can also bring a sample to the store for us to check for free.

9.    Water clarity and condition will determine what and how much chemicals to put in the pool. Be sure to be as accurate as possible in describing what the pool looks like and if possible take a picture and bring it with you.