Above Ground Pool Vacuuming Instructions

Aboveground Pool Vacuuming Instructions

1.    Hook the vacuum head to the pole and attach the vacuum hose to the head.

2.    Stand the pole into the pool

3.    Hold the other end of the vacuum hose with the vacuum adapter or vacuum plate attached in front of the eyeball where the water blows back into the pool. Allow the hose to fill with water.

4.    If you have a Doughboy pool, insert the vacuum adapter into the hole under the skimmer opening and place the lid down into the skimmer. If its not a Doughboy pool and you are using a vacuum plate, place it into the skimmer.

5.    If you are vacuuming any type of algae, place your filter on the waste or drain setting on the valve and be sure to run water into your pool as you are vacuuming due to water loss.

6.    When you are finished vacuuming, turn the pump off, then remove the vacuuming equipment from the pool. Empty your pump and skimmer baskets.

7.    Then return your filter to the normal filter setting.