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Come by and check out our grilling department for all your grilling needs. We specialize in the Big Green Egg the ultimate cooking experience. We also offer the Traeger wood pellet grill and don't forget about our lines of built-in grills such as Blaze and Bull grills. We also have a huge supply of grilling accessories and supplies. We also carry a several brands of lump charcoal such as Fogo and Big Green Egg. We are now a dealer for Sunterra Outdoor products such as wood fired ovens, hardwood smokers and Santa Maria grills.

Are you looking for something to really tickle you tongue? If so, the be sure to check out our spices, sauces, and rubs. Including brands such as Butt Rub, Meat Church, Willingham's, and Hoover Sauce. See our full section. 


Grill | Sear the perfect steaks, pork chops or burgers on the EGG. High temperature "steak house" grilling- even at 750 degrees is quick and easy! using two dampers for accurate control, you can lower the heat to a more moderate for other grilled foods. Fish and seafood turn out moist and tender with a flavor-packed crust unmatched by other grills.

Oven | Using the indirect cooking method with a convEGGtor, the Big Green Egg bakes bread, pizza, casseroles, cobblers and pies better than your kitchen may never cook indoors again! The Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so well that foods don't dry out!

Smoker | The insulating ceramics of the Big Green Egg allow you to precisely control the temperature even at low heat. A controllable 200 to 350 degrees gives succulent results with turkey, ham, lamb, chicken, ribs or any of your favorite cuts, infusing them with the aromatic wood smoke flavor.

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Sunterra Outdoor Products offer a great line of wood fired ovens, offset wood smokers and Santa Maria style grills.

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