Inground Pool Opening Instructions

1.    Remove the pool cover. Clean the cover and allow it to completely dry before storing.

2.    Remove the Gizzmo(s) from the skimmer(s).

3.    Replace all drain plugs in the equipment (2 in the main pump, 1 in the filter, and 1 in the Polaris pump).

4.    Replace chlorinator hose & valve along with the pressure gauge.

5.    If water needs to be added to the pool begin filling it now.

6.    Turn the filter valve to the filter position.

7.    If the pool is full of water you can now prime the pump and turn it on.

8.    Allow the pool to circulate for 30 minutes.

9. Backwash and rinse the filter.

10. Put the filter back on the filter position and allow the pool to circulate for 24hrs.

11. Test the water and balance accordingly. You may also bring a water sample to the store to be tested for free.

12. Water clarity will determine what and how much chemicals to add. And be sure to be as accurate as you can when describing how the pool water looks. You may also take a picture and bring it with you to assist in the treatment.